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AtlanticBH - Atlantic Business Hub

AtlanticBH is looking for partners / entrepreneurs with ideas for creating an ecosystem that explores business opportunities in the triangle Europe, Americas and Africa.

The starting point is the AtlanticBH brand; the domain www.atlanticbh.org; and the LinkedIn community "AtlanticBH.org - Atlantic Business Hub" with about 6,000 members.

Did this idea arouse your curiosity?
Start by joining our community, build your idea, find other partners, and talk to us.
For promotion we have a professional network with about 100,000 members in the world, where you can find potential local partners.

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The aim of newStartUp.tech is the promotion of INNOVATIVE ideas, services, products or solutions, business opportunities, grants and incentives, in different countries/cities around world.
Trade & Investment Agencies and similar organizations are invited to publish/promote business opportunities, grants & incentives for investors, in their country/city.

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“If you wait for perfect conditions, you'll never get anything done.”

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Technology has reshaped our world — the way we shop, talk with friends, make restaurant reservations and certainly in the way we work every day. The digital economy opens new opportunities, but it’s also raises new questions about how people and organizations will adapt and grow in this new era.
How people and companies are navigating this changing world?

The future is happening around us. And we must rise to the challenge to meet it and thrive in the new industrial revolution.

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This is a group for you that are looking for talented people to work in your company or project; or for you that are searching a new challenge.
People or companies searching for talent are welcome.

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We connect businesses
The aim of “Atlantic Business Hub” is the promotion of business opportunities, grants and investment incentives, in different countries/cities around world.

In Portugal, we are a group of people, companies and entities with a large international experience in different fields of expertise. We can help you to transform your ideas and dreams in reality. We are able to help people, entrepreneurs and companies that want to maximize business safety & profit through moving activities and operations to Portugal.

AtlanticBH - Atlantic Business Hub is a trademark of Julio Boim Esteves

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Would you like to invest, work, study or live in Portugal?
Portugal welcomes you with its culture, historic cities, sunny sandy beaches and amazing cliffs.
A country that combines tradition and modern life.
Excellent direct flight connections and state-of-the-art roads and telecommunications networks.
One of the best locations to do business in the World, says the World Bank.
One of the most peaceful country in Europe and the World, says the Institute for Economics and Peace.
and much more, ...

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